6 ideal diuretic foods to eliminate fluids and lose weight

Diuretic foods are those that help us produce more urine and prevent fluid retentions from occurring. This help eliminates toxins and reduces excess water in our body, helping us lose weight and avoid swelling.

We recommend some of the best natural diuretic foods, which you can include in your diet if you suffer from fluid retention problems.

Diuretics for fluid retention

Fluid retention is an excess of fluids in our body, which can cause us to feel swollen, especially in the legs and hands. There are many causes that may be behind and some of them may be due to serious health problems, such as kidney or heart problems.

In other cases, fluid retention may be punctual and may be caused by simple hormonal changes, menstruation or lack of physical activity for a long time. In these cases where the problem is mild, we can help with some diuretic foods that help our body to get rid of excess fluid.

While these foods are healthy, an excess in their consumption could be harmful. Remember that they should always be taken in moderation since misuse could cause dehydration since we will be eliminating large amounts of water and sodium.

If you want to take them with the intention of losing weight or your fluid retention problem is not something specific, it is best to consult a medical professional who assesses the best treatment in each case. But, it can help you include in your diet the following natural diuretics that we recommend.

Natural diuretic foods that will help you lose weight

These are some of the foods that will help eliminate excess fluid in our body and make us feel better.

1. Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea have important diuretic effects due to their high content of caffeine and theophylline. Specifically, green tea and black tea contribute especially to the function of eliminating liquids. In addition, they are a healthier and more natural option if what we are looking for is to lose some weight.

However, these diuretic effects seem to lose potency if their consumption is habitual since both coffee and tea develop tolerance to their properties. Also, it’s stimulant effects make these natural diuretic foods are recommended to take them in smaller amounts, especially caffeine.

2. Fruit

One of the best natural diuretic foods is undoubtedly the fruit. These are not only recommended to avoid fluid retention but should be a staple in our daily diet.

Its water concentration is high, which helps our body to urinate more frequently and eliminate toxins. In addition, their vitamins and their antioxidant properties make them natural healthy diuretics that we can take every day.

Fruits such as pineapple, grapes, blueberries, watermelon or peach are some of the best natural diuretics that will help us eliminate excess fluid and lose weight. These can also be taken either directly, accompanying salads or in the form of juices and smoothies.

3. Vegetables and vegetables

Vegetables and vegetables are other natural diuretic foods that we must include in our daily diet, as apart from being healthy they are necessary and most effective if we want to combat fluid retention.

This type of food helps to release water from the kidneys and stimulate the activity of other organs such as the pancreas. They will also be our allies when it comes to weight loss, as they accelerate the metabolism and help us eliminate excess fat, as well as to get rid of toxins from our body.

The best vegetables we can take for their important diuretic effects are leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, kale), asparagus, cucumber, beet, leeks, onions, garlic, and squash.

Other less common vegetables in our diet, such as seaweed or kale, have also been shown to be potent natural diuretic foods.

4. Cereals

Some cereals have properties that contribute to the elimination of fluids and function as natural diuretics. In addition, they are a staple food and provide us with many nutrients.

One of the cereals with the best diuretic effects is oats, which, due to its high silicon content, helps to eliminate liquid retentions. It can also work perfectly as a substitute for other foods or cereals that contain more calories, which makes it a diuretic and healthier alternative that will bring many benefits if we include it in our diet.

5. Herbs

Another of the foods that help us with excess fluids are many of the herbs, flowers, and berries that can be consumed.

Some types of plants contribute to eliminating fluids, due to their high potassium content and their purification function. They help us stimulate the kidneys and improve renal filtration. This contributes to increase urination, so they are ideal to take when the frequency of this is very low or it is difficult for us.

Some of these natural diuretic foods are dandelion, hibiscus, horsetail, nettle, cilantro, parsley, ginger or mint. All these herbs are ideal to be taken as an infusion.

6. Chocolate

Black and pure chocolate also have natural diuretic effects on our body. It contains alkaloid compounds such as caffeine and theobromine, which act as the excitation of the nervous system, stimulate the metabolic processes and help accelerate the expulsion of fluids.

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