Festive meal: can you gain weight after a single meal of excess?

On the eve of future gargantuan Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals, the question teases our mind: can we gain weight after a single meal of excess? (or two). Answer with Maela Le Borgne dietician nutritionist.

No need to keep the suspense too long, the professional is adamant: “Yes, we can gain weight after a single meal of excess”. “It’s mathematical, everything is a story of comebacks and outings,” she describes. If the inputs are higher than the outputs (implied if you do not pay attention to the excesses ), then yes, there will be a weight gain. But if we talk about a single excess in the middle of an exemplary diet , then no, there will be no prior weight gain. All is not black or white.

Prepare upstream

To avoid finding the day after Christmas to feel guilty because we took twice foie gras and that we have a little abused on champagne, it is better to prepare upstream.“Pay attention to your diet and adopt an exemplary lifestyle during the month, the week before,” advises the professional.

Be careful on D-day

On D-Day, also dodge the traps. To avoid “goinfrer” small fours as an aperitif (because the turkey is not always cooked), “take for example a snack of fruit , ” she recommends. That should stall you a few hours and prevent you from jumping on the buffet.

Between each glass of alcohol, we also put on a glass of water.

Resume good habits

Upstream, the day-J but especially after the holidays, resume good habits. On the program: get fresh air, have a balanced diet and play sports . Well, you just asked Father Christmas for a new pair of sneakers. The perfect opportunity to test them.

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