Hypertension: foods that lower blood pressure

Decreasing or preventing high blood pressure simply by changing one’s diet is possible and proven. The advice of our expert.

With age, the tension tends to increase: the vessels are less flexible then the heart is forced to pump more. But in the West, a high tension often sign the disease ” too much “: too much salt , too much sugar , too many industrial products, too much bad fat, too much stress, too sedentary, too many pounds. Not to mention smoking. We can turn things around with the ” plus ” nutrition : more vegetables, more legumes, more oilseeds, more spices and herbs. And vegetables at every meal! In addition to their vitamins and their fiber content they form a synergy of essential trace elements, which have a direct action on the pressure in the arteries.

Hypertension: we put on potassium

The diet of our ancestors had the characteristic of being rich in potassium , about 12 g per day. The modern man consumes only 2 g. It is essential for the proper regulation of blood pressure . The recommended dietary allowance is 3.5 g / day in France.

Magnesium, to lower blood pressure

” There is an inverse relationship between magnesium dietary intake and blood pressure, the lower the cellular magnesium, the higher the tension, ” says Dr. Kathy Bonan, author of The Benefits of Magnesium – Naturally Healthy (Ed. Michel). To fill up with magnesium, you can bet a suitable diet or supplement.

Silicon, to take care of its arteries

It acts on the flexibility of the arteries, but its level decreases considerably in the aortic wall with age. Our expert recommends: besides food, we find in sparkling water Salvetat which is very low in sodium but rich in silicon (50 mg liter).

Spices and aromatic herbs: the winning duo against hypertension

They are used primarily for their multiple flavors, but do not underestimate the properties of aromatic substances, very effective even in small quantities. Their main interest in the fight against hypertension: allow us to reduce our salt intake.

Hypertension: How can nutrition help us?

For our expert Gabrielle Sarrazin, dietician-nutritionist and author of The foods that cure hypertension (Editions Thierry Souccar), ” A balanced diet allows the arteries to age well “.

Correct his diet is it more effective than drugs?

Treatment is essential to avoid certain brain or cardiovascular complications, for example. But it does not cure hypertension. Food, meanwhile, can prevent it and even improve when the latter is moderate. It is helpful in helping others, among other things, to work well. As an accompaniment to antihypertensive treatment, it may, in some cases, allow to reduce the dosage. An adapted, healthy and tasty diet, as well as a regular personalized physical activity are part of a general lifestyle.

What do you suggest first?

The change is made with simple recipes “homemade”. This is the only way to control the amount of salt! Industrial or catering products usually contain too much.

What are your favorite foods for high blood pressure?

Garlic, because it acts on several fronts: it liquefies the blood by decreasing the aggregation of the platelets and facilitates the blood circulation; cheap product, focuses action on the tension is effective from 1 pod / day. Dark chocolate with 90% cocoa with its potassium, magnesium and antioxidant polyphenols, is given the protective properties of high blood pressure. It seems that savoring 2 squares of dark chocolate a day would have a relaxing effect on the arteries.

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