Impact of COVID 19 on Muscleheads

It is astonishing how a microorganism, 1000 times smaller than us, made the world come to its knees. Locking us up in our own homes and changing our lifestyle upside down. Binding us in restrictions, that we never imagined before. Every bit of our day to day life got hampered. We could no longer dine out, or go shopping, or even on a casual small walk down the park.

Amongst the variety of curtailment that we were put through, the biggest sufferer was our fitness. People who used to hit gym daily were cocooned in their home, with no access to core gyming facilities such as equipments and limited communication with their trainer. Isolation took a toll on them. Usually it is seen that working out in gyms or community centers keep people motivated, as it gives them the opportunity to share their experiences and progress among their mates. Social support is a scientifically proven motivational factor. But all of that got snatched in a snap to comply with lockdown measures that are essential to control the spread of corona virus.

In a study conducted by The Sport England Survey, there have been reports of large scale disruption of physical activity habits and not all in the right direction. 33% of adults in Britain said they have done more exercise since lockdown. 55% of which agreed that the government guidance has encouraged them to exercise. But 37% individuals reported doing less exercise then before and 18% report they are getting the same amount of exercise. Behind these range of behaviour there are numerous underlying reasons.

1) Mental Setback

It was frustrating for people who used to go gym five days a week. Sean Santiago, a regular gym goer said that during the 3 months of lockdown he lost his progress of 2.5 years, that made him resentful and discouraged. ” I was doing really well with ( a personal trainer) seeing lots of results, so it was frustrating time for all of this to happen,” Santiago said, ” And then being at home, I was just getting too comfortable. Working form home, eating at home, having the kids at home. It was really tough to get into a routine.”

2) Stress Food

We all got to see millions of stories and posts on our Instagram of people baking cakes, cookies and all sorts of stress food. With hashtags such as #anxietybaking and #stressbaking trending in search menu. We all experienced the longing to turn to our comfort food. Lockdown had strong potential to disrupt our nutritional behavior, mainly due to modified access to food, stopping daily travel and mobility, food/meals contributing to give “rhythm to day”. Many of us turned to food to kill our boredom. This led to heavy loss of physique and muscle gain. One of the many gym goers quoted, “I have lost my progress and overlooked my diet.”

3) Motivation

The pandemic wrecked havoc in our lives. Much of our attention got diverted towards the new work routine, hording grocery, tending to the home schooling of our kids and so exercising and healthy eating took back seat in our lives. But fret not, you are not stuck alone in this mayhem. ” Its totally fine and totally normal to have your motivation wane”, says Steve Magness, a Huston based running coach who has seen athletes at all level lose initiative as the pandemic wears on. ” A simple fix to these, says Magness, is to workout for yhe sake of pandemic.” You might have got a bit fussed here. To put in simple terms, while the pandemic may have drained some of your desire to workout, its also the reason you shouldn’t ditch your routine. ” Noting is more important right now than everyone’s health,” Harrison says, a Chicago – area triathlon coach.


4) Supporting Diet

Diet is an integral part of working out. Due to limited supply of food, people are now eating to survive. There are no choices available. People are enforced to consume that is readily procurable in market. This caused many to skip breakfast or dinner, much against expert advice. There were a few gym goers who cut down on water intake while other in panic started drinking more coffee or tea. Marry Jenson, a well known sport’s nutritionist, quoted ” The simple rule to be followed, when activity level goes down, cut on calorie intake.” She suggests to intake more protein than carbs in bleak times like such. Find replacements, look up to the internet, take expert opinions, is all you wanna do right now.

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