Intersection of Fitness & Social Media

Anllela sagra

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if i say, that we live a life our ancestors could have only dream of. Every facet of our lives is infiltrated by technology today. We wake up checking our e-mails, texts and other various updates. And when it comes to social media, us millennial are cuckoos about it. We know our Instagram through and through. According undivided attention to our likes, views and comments.

Many of us use the application just for fun and entertainment. However the power of social media has let numerous individuals and companies grow their business manifolds online. And one of the largest benefactors of the omnipotence of social media has undoubtedly been the fitness industry.

It has almost become a norm to see a workout video or photo of a protein shake or smoothie while scrolling down your feed. It is no more in your hands to ignore gyms. Social media keeps popping fitness related content. Hash tags such as #Fitspo  #Transformationtuesday stay trending on these social media sites. Which has both good and bad things attached to it.


On the bright side seeing such posts now an then keeps you motivated. You might have had a bad day at work or the weather outside isn’t pleasant and you think of skipping gym and scrolling through your feed. A mirror selfie posted by your friend, flaunting his abs pops up and within seconds you change your plan and head to the gym. A simple picture of your friend working out motivated you 100× more than a TV commercial or mass mails ever can. This is the influence of social media fitness.


You can now educate yourself with a click of mouse. Tapping the follow button to your favorite fitness model or guru, athleisure brand or IG page of your favorite chain of gyms, can load you with tons of information and tips and tricks. You can read things that they post, DM them to clear any queries and share it with one another. You are no longer dependent only on your trainer. You can be your own trainer now.

Remember to be cautious while doing so. With information comes a good dosage of misinformation and promotion of wrong techniques. Be thorough with what you see. Check the authenticity of the fitness guru you follow. Take suggestions from your existing trainer. Never limit yourself to just what you see.


Achieving your fitness goal can not only enhance your health and appearance but can fetch some extra bills too. Individuals who post photos, short videos, or even stories of them working out, or what do they intake, some healthy recipes and many more can engage audience on their page. When masses start to appreciate the content they post on their account, they can gain more followers and henceforth commence to get more views and likes. As their popularity grows fitness brands tend to approach them for endorsing their products and services. Individuals can charge these brands for advertising their products and speaking good of it, they can also get paid partnership with these brands. This can generate cash. Now you get to be fit, famous and affluent. A win-win situation.


Not all users know how to discern what is good information and what isn’t. This is clear that diet and fitness related post has impact. They can encourage masses to behave in a certain way, adopt a certain plan and buy a certain products. Unfortunately, not all the content posted on social media is helpful. Nutritionists are concerned with The fact that so much dietary advice shared on social media is conflicting. This can do to make people to adopt dietary plans that are overly restrictive and otherwise unhealthy.

Fitness influencers ain’t necessarily be qualified to advice programs. They can sometimes be motivated by cash and partnerships. Then there’s the fact that so many fitness-related influencers have access to resources that the average person does not. This can skew expectations in terms of results.

It’s important that people seeking advice and inspiration find sources that are reliable and can be counted on to share accurate information

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