Kiwi: 10 benefits and usage of this exotic fruit


The kiwi fruit is a very particular flavor and textures that make it a somewhat exotic fruit. But in addition to its exquisite flavor, the kiwi has vitamins and minerals that come very well to our body.

We tell you what are the main properties and benefits of kiwifruit for your health , so you can be encouraged to consume this special and healthy fruit.

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The kiwi fruit is oval, small, brown and full of hairs that cover your skin on the outside; but when you open it, the pulp is vibrant green and yellow, a little darker towards the skin and lighter inside, in which its nucleus full of seeds and flashes of white resembles the iris of an amplified eye .

Much of the kiwi is grown in New Zealand, where they christened this delicious and exotic fruit under the name kiwi, due to its similarity to the bird of the same name. This bird, which is iconic in the country, shares characteristics with the fruit, as both are small, round and hairy, with a very similar color. As a curious fact, “kiwi” is also used as an affectionate name for New Zealanders.

Also for that reason, some call “Kiwi” affectionately to the New Zealanders. But the truth is that the true origin of the kiwi was in China, which was then taken to New Zealand. Since then this fruit has been expanding more and more to the rest of the world and thanks to the new crops we can enjoy the delicious kiwis at home.

As the kiwi is an exotic fruit, some think it comes from the tropics, but what makes the kiwi even more special is that it grows in humid and preferably cold environments. This makes the properties of the kiwi are very beneficial for our body. We’ll tell you later!

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10 properties and benefits of kiwi

The benefits of kiwi go beyond its exotic appearance and taste because its properties include different types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, which can help improve the functions of our body and prevent disease.

1. The kiwi helps you lose weight

One of the properties of kiwi is its high fiber content, equivalent to half a grain bowl. This helps improve digestive functions, cleanse the intestine of toxins and process fats faster. Fiber makes us feel more satiated by eating a kiwi, making it an excellent choice for nutritional weight loss plans. In addition, their contribution to calories and fat is very low.

2. Prevents constipation

When we consume kiwi we are usually contributing a large amount of soluble fiber to our body, which regulates intestinal transit and keep our digestive system clean so that it works well. In this way, another of the benefits of kiwi is to avoid constipation.

3. Decrease fluid retention

The kiwi provides very few calories, but plenty of water, necessary for all the organs of the body to function properly. At the same time, it helps us to reduce fluid retention thanks to its low sodium content.

4. Strengthens the immune system

The benefits of kiwi also include our immune system, which is strengthened thanks to a large amount of vitamin C and folic acid contained in this fruit. This results in increased production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and antibodies, which do not allow viruses such as those that cause flu to prevail.

5. In blood circulation and cardiovascular function

To make matters worse, omega 3, omega 6 and vitamin E are also part of the properties of kiwi, which are essential for the good health of the arteries. These reduce the cholesterol in the blood and prevent the tension in the arteries so that the blood can flow much better for them.

6. For stress and anxiety

Nothing better to relieve the stress of the day to day than eating a kiwi, especially if you are nervous before making a presentation at your work, for example. The large amount of vitamin C that the kiwi contributes helps us reduce stress and lower levels of anxiety.

7. It protects us from UV rays

On summer days many of us love to get in the sun and catch some color, but for others, it can be suffering because they are very sensitive to the effects of UV rays. Well, this is one of the benefits of the kiwi that comes in handy if this is one of your problems because one property of the kiwi is lutein, a substance that acts as an insulating filter of the skin and protects it from UV rays.

8. Strengthens bones and teeth

The kiwi is rich in copper, magnesium and potassium, all minerals essential to strengthen bones and teeth. So, with each kiwi we eat, we are contributing 10% of each of these minerals to our body.

9. Balances the pH

Our body must maintain its pH balance between acidity and alkalinity and, if possible, a little more alkaline. One of the benefits of kiwi is that its great contribution of minerals helps us to counteract the acidity of other foods that we consume and return the alkalinity to the body.

10. Control blood pressure

Another benefit of the kiwi is that it helps us maintain balanced blood pressure, as potassium and fiber, two of the kiwi’s properties, are excellent for counteracting the effects of sodium, which increases blood pressure. In addition, potassium not only helps blood pressure, but it also helps us maintain muscle mass.

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