Natural, high in fiber, less sweet: what are “healthier” candies worth?

Vegan or gluten-free, they contain less sugar or chemical additives. We passed the new candies to the test bench. Discover the new trends.

Is this the consequence of health messages encouraging us to track down sugars? Or the alert on titanium dioxide (E 171) , this white dye suspected of being carcinogenic, widely used in confectionery until 2016? The fact remains that our consumption of candies has decreased, which is a good thing: we suck on average a little less than 2 candies of 5 g per day. To tempt us, manufacturers are reformulating their products: the trend is towards natural dyes (extracts of spices, fruits, vegetables or plants). But that’s no reason to work the whole package!

“Be my love” Grenadine Not Guilty: the 100% vegetable alternative

Caloric intake: 8 kcal per candy.

The verdict: Without gelatin, they are gelled thanks to pectin , a fiber that allows jams to take. Organic, flavored with concentrated pomegranate juice, they recall the good taste of grenadine syrup.

Our rating: 9/10

“Be my love” Grenadine Not Guilty, € 1.49 per 100 g, in Monoprix stores.

Casino sugar-free caramel candies: the least caloric

Caloric intake: 13 kcal per candy

The verdict: Maltitol completely replaces sugar. These candies can therefore be consumed in case of diabetes . If they do not leave an aftertaste, however, beware of digestive disorders linked to this sweetener.

Our rating : 7/10

Casino sugar-free caramel candies, € 2.17 per 120 g, in Casino stores.

Pierrot Gourmand organic strawberries: the shortest list of ingredients

Calorie intake: 7 kcal per candy

The verdict: Composed of sugars and natural flavors, they are without additives and without traces of gluten . It can therefore be eaten even in the case of celiac disease. Flat: they are quite sweet and the strawberry taste is not very pronounced.

Our rating: 7/10

Pierrot Gourmand organic strawberries, € 1.99 for 110 g, in supermarkets.

Smoofizz crazy Lutti: without gelatin

Calorie intake: 28 kcal per candy

Without gelatin, they are colored with spirulina (blue) or plant extracts (yellow, pink). Too bad they contain artificial flavors. But a good balance on the palate between spiciness and sweetness.

Our rating: 6/10

Smoofizz crazy Lutti, € 1.85 for 200 g, in supermarkets.

Fruitilicious Haribo: the richest in fiber

Calorie intake: 7 kcal per candy

The verdict: Part of the sugars are replaced by corn fibers, which reduces the content (in sugar?) Of 30%, compared to traditional sweets, and the caloric intake of 15%. Flavored with concentrated juices, they have a good fruit taste.


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