New Coronavirus Incident in California may trigger ‘community outbreak’  

U.S. health authorities said that they’ve detected the first instance of coronavirus that doesn’t have known connections to the current outbreak. This can because of great concern globally that the infection is coursing in the U.S. regardless of reassurances from the Trump administration that it iunder control 

The U.S. Communities for Disease Control and Prevention said that the patient doesn’t seem to have ventured to China or had any exposure to another coronavirus suspectHealth specialists are progressively worried about what’s known as community spread, where the virus starts circulating uninhibitedly among individuals outside of isolation or known to have contacts with other patients.  

At this time the patient’s exposure history is unknown as stated by the CDC in an announcement. It’s conceivable that this can be a case of community spread of Covid-19 as this is probably the first time this has occurred in the United States. Covid-19 is the technical name for the illness brought about by the virus 

The CDC said the case was picked by the specialists in California, and that the patient may have been infected by a traveler contracted the sickness. It didn’t give more data on the patient’s present health status. The new case brings the aggregate of known coronavirus cases to 15 in the US, not including the repatriated Americans.  

New Coronavirus Incident in California

The California Department of Public Health said that an occupant of Solano County, an area between San Francisco and Sacramento, has tested positive and ireceiving appropriate medical care. The patient didn’t travel to China in the recent pastnor was he exposed to an infected person, the state stated. This is a sign that the health workers are looking at the patient’s history to find out how he may have contracted the infection and whether others might have been contaminated without knowing it.  

Sonia Angell, the chief of the California Department of Public Health, said in an announcement that they have been foreseeing the potential for such a case in the U.S., and given their close familial, social and business associations with China, it isn’t sudden that the first case in the U.S. would be in California. The state said that the hazard to the public stays low.  

Health specialists inside the administration indicated that there is a likely chance of a global pandemic due to the infection’s influenza-like natureIt also spreads like flu and has a long stretch of incubation, and the fact that the majority have mild symptoms makes it all the more dangerous. While it has a moderately low death rate, an estimated 2%, the disease has already infected many people and that can result in a number of extreme cases or probable deaths.  

The extension of flare-ups in Italy, South Korea, and Japan have made the spread of the infection to the U.S. more probable, acquired by individuals moving in and out from those nations. According to William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, the odds are that there will be more cases of the infection in the U.S. With the virus spreading in those nations rapidlyit means that there are more open doors for the infection to spread. 

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