The diet to have a perfect waist (and without suffering)

A small waist is the dream of any woman since it is the part of the body most associated with femininity from the origins of our species. But keeping it stylized and firm is not an easy task since it depends not only on the amount of fat that can accumulate in this area but also on the abdominal distension. Nothing like a diet for a perfect waist that in addition to light avoid this problem.

Do you want to wear a wasp waistband? Well here is our daily menu proposal with very didactic keys so you can put it into practice for yourself, from now on and in a very simple way.

The infallible diet for a perfect waist (and without suffering)

Here are some tips and some guidelines to follow to show a waste of envy. Let’s start!

1. Breakfast proposal

The day begins and we begin with a warning: that in any diet for a perfect waist you want to achieve lasting results it is forbidden to skip breakfast.

After all the hours of nocturnal rest in which our body obtains the energy that needs of the ingested foods during the supper (and also resorting to the available reserves of glycogen), we need to return to provide nutrients to him to be able to face the morning in conditions.

But as we do not lose sight of the goal we aim to lighten our waist, it is very important to correctly select those foods that make up our breakfast, so that we revitalize while contributing their bit as part of a diet for a perfect waist.

Start the day eating healthy

To start with this diet for a perfect waist it is best to start with a warm infusion of depurative plants (boldo, fennel, mint, sage) has a double intention; On the one hand, its active ingredients help to stimulate the elimination of toxins that saturate our abdominal organs and tissues by inflaming the belly, and on the other hand, the effect of warm water on an empty stomach promotes intestinal movement, ideal to avoid constipation (another one of those responsible of the distension of this zone).

After about 15 minutes or so, take a bowl of fresh fruit (approximately 200g), giving priority to citrus fruits such as oranges and kiwis, as they are rich in vitamin C and the fiber they provide, as well as the fruits of the forest (for being low in sugars at the same time as rich in antioxidants), and some fruits such as apple or watermelon that contrast with other fruits for their sweet taste and have depurative action.

To continue we give you two options: if you like the morning spoon, continue with another bowl of small size with 4 tablespoons of whole oat flakes, about 3 nuts and 150 ml of lactose-free milk (since it inflames the intestinal mucous membranes) or vegetable drink to which you can add a teaspoon of unrefined honey and a little cinnamon powder.

If you are more of bread, take advantage because it is the best time of the day to take it and substitute the second bowl for a toast of whole wheat rye bread with a little olive oil and turkey.

2. Proposal for lunch

After having charged the batteries of energy with breakfast, surely you have been able to start moving, but with the sensation of lightness provided by the foods that we advise, you have probably begun to notice that your abdominal area is less inflamed than other times. That’s a good sign!

Something that also happens in these cases is that the stomach empties more easily, the appetite becomes noticeable in the middle of the morning asking for more food.

Start by soothing the feeling of discomfort with an infusion of red tea (which is a good fat-burning) and then take yogurt with fruit, but beware that it does not carry sweeteners because it would negatively affect the same bacterial flora that we take care of with Bifidus assets.

Take it while savoring and you will notice how the sensation of satiety calms the desire to peck other things that could boycott the results of your diet for a perfect waist.

Not only is it important to select well the food we will take, but it is also important (and much in the case that concerns us) the order in which we take some of them. For example, the fruit is preferable to eat it on an empty stomach; In this way, we will be able to digest more easily and we will avoid the formation of gases when digested with other things.

What to take at noon

Starting with a 150 g serving of pineapple or papaya is an excellent way to start your lunch, as not only will we quickly capture your vitamins and minerals intact, but these two fruits also contain digestive enzymes that will help us digest proteins much better than we take next.

Continue with a plate of vegetables cooked to taste, such as zucchini, green beans, eggplant, artichoke… where we will exclude as much as possible the cauliflower and other cruciferous plants that cause gas and therefore produce abdominal distension. In this diet for a perfect waist is also valid a varied salad to which we can add herbs as a condiment instead of salt (which causes retention of liquids) and some algae that have many minerals and depurative action.

What is important is to chew all the vegetables very well so that their fibers do not cause difficulties in the digestion and cause swelling.

Of second, a plate of blue fish cooked to the plate or to the oven, as it could be the salmon, the mackerel, the tuna, the sardines or the anchovies (that have high doses of fatty acids omega 3, with anti-inflammatory action), or well white meat like turkey, chicken or rabbit, all rich in high-quality proteins but with very few fats.

Replace the dessert with an infusion of licorice or chamomile with anise and you will notice how it helps your belly not swell while you digest.

3. Proposal for the snack

We had promised to make a diet for a perfect waist without suffering, so going hungry between meals is as forbidden as skipping any of them.

It is preferable that the amounts are smaller than you used to take in your usual meals but do not spend too many hours without taking anything and hunger makes you assault the fridge and spoil all your effort.

We propose a smoothie with 200 ml of lactose-free milk or a vegetable drink with two tablespoons of chia seeds, a tablespoon of pure cocoa powder and a little ginger powder. You can sweeten it by adding half a banana before beating everything, or a little stevia or a small teaspoon of honey. It’s up to you! Any of the options are delicious.

4. Proposal for dinner

And to end the day facilitating sleep to be repairing (avoiding the annoying heavy digestion of some foods) and helping you to get up feel your waist much lighter, there is nothing like a soft dinner.

Menu to end the day

Start with cream of vegetables (leeks, zucchini or assorted) to which you can add a splash of virgin olive oil on top, a little dill and pumpkin seeds (the latter will also give you the anti-inflammatory action you’re looking to prevent the swelling of the belly area ).

For a second you can take white fish (sole, hake, cod…) cooked on the grill, steamed or baked. Another option is to substitute this portion of proteins very lean for a couple of Burgos type cheeses without salt and sweet ham.

Replace your usual dessert with natural yogurt and an infusion of chamomile with anise, which besides being good for your digestion also has relaxing properties that will help you to rest better (you will notice its benefits when awakened rested and deflated).

With these simple guidelines and with the explanations we have given you, you have at your disposal the possibility of making your own daily menus so that the diet for a perfect waist adapts to your tastes and is easier to maintain. Be constant and you will see the changes for yourself. You’ll see how good you feel!

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