The infallible diet of Jennifer Aniston

In spite of her 48 years, this unstoppable woman continues to awaken in equal parts passions between the male sex and envy among the females (even in the younger ones). For that reason, many are those who wonder what is the secret of Jennifer Aniston’s diet to stay as if she were 20 years younger.

And it is that never a breakup of couples had sat so well to any of the most famous celebrities on the Hollywood scene as when the protagonist of Friends broke with the then was her husband, actor Brad Pitt, and began his transformation where he went from being a very funny comedy actress very cute to become an authentic _sex symbo_l.

If you want to know how he got to lose 10 kilos and stay that divine, here is Jennifer Aniston’s diet: the so-called “Zone Diet”.

The infallible diet of Jennifer Aniston

When we get to have a reference with which to inspire us to reach a goal as complicated as it is to lose weight (and even more, to keep it), visualize getting it is a great help.

And if above we stop to think that, persevering enough, we could become one of the most divine celebrities in Hollywood, motivation is triggered.

That’s why, while you put into practice Jennifer Aniston’s diet that we’re going to explain now, remember how great it is and do not forget one detail: that if she could get it, you can too. Cheer up!

12 blocks divided into 5 meals

The Zone Diet is a healthy nutrition system created by Dr. Sears, keeping in mind the needs of our body to maintain a good state of health. And it is precisely this that supports the diet of Jennifer Aniston, which consists of distributing throughout the day 12 blocks of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

But what do we mean when we say blocks? These are the unit used by Dr. Sears to refer to the amount of the three main nutrients; 1 full block would contain 9 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat.

And since a woman recommends the consumption of 12 blocks throughout the day, this would be equivalent to consuming 108 grams of carbohydrates, 84 grams of protein and 36 grams of fat, distributed throughout the day. But how can this count be simplified so that it is easier to carry it out?

No problem, because we have the visual method to make the diet of Jennifer Aniston in a more affordable for day to day. We explain what this simple way of putting this effective diet into practice.

The visual method of the Zone Diet

One of the keys for a diet to be effective is that it can be easy to meet. For that reason, Barry Sears proposed a fairly approximate way to carry it out in an accurate manner, and consists of making a composition on our plate by the following way:

1. Proteins

To introduce the correct amount of protein equivalent to one of the 3 main meals, we will look at our palms, because that will be the size of the protein portion that we will add to the dish (meats (such as turkey, chicken, pork, veal, rabbit…) and fish (salmon, trout, emperor, hake, sole, anchovies…)) and also in a matter of thickness.

2. Carbon Hydrates

The number of carbohydrates that corresponds to the main meal would be the equivalent of two closed fists of your own hand, and in this category would go mainly cooked vegetables and salads, and even then we could take a small piece of dessert of fruit.

If instead of products of vegetable origin, we opt for other sources of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or cooked vegetables, we can only put on our plate the equivalent to the size of a closed fist of these foods (which are also less recommended that the other option to lose weight), and we will also have no dessert. We recommend you to use this second option only exceptionally.

3. Fats

Finally, we will add the amount of fat recommended to balance the dish suggested by this curious but effective diet. It is simple, we recommend you to provide it with extra virgin olive oil. How? Easy. In the form of dressing the salad, oil to sauté the vegetables a little if they are cooked and to grill the protein part.

Daily menu example

Here we present a daily menu proposal based on this diet followed by the famous actress.


Do not skip breakfast and that this is balanced is basic to start the day well.

1 glass of semi-skimmed milk with decaffeinated soluble coffee and saccharin

1 cup of strawberries

1 whole wheat toast with olive oil and grated tomato

30 grams of ham

Mid-morning snack

In the middle of the morning, you should have a light snack so as not to arrive at lunch with hunger.

1 natural yogurt with saccharin

2 nuts


A good balance between vegetables and a dish with proteins is important.

Salad of assorted colors with a tablespoon of pipes (amount equivalent to the size of 2 closed fists)

Chicken breast (amount equivalent to the size of your palm, both in length and thickness)

Olive oil to cook grilled meat and season the vegetables

1 plum


Skipping the snack is not an option. Include some fruit

1 biscotti of wholemeal bread with oil

1 cheese from Burgos light

1 pear


Recommended light dishes but that include proteins, such as fish.

Sauteed vegetables (amount equivalent to the size of 2 closed fists)

Fish in papillote (amount equivalent to the palm of your hand)

Olive oil

1 natural yogurt with saccharin

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